The Perfect Match

Imagine this.

You spend all your life searching for “The One”. You think you find him once but then distance tears you apart in what becomes a painful, messy withdrawal. Then after two years of searching for someone new, you finally find someone else who understands you and is able to give you the support you need. . . only to find that they don’t accept insurance!

Of course, I’m talking about finding the right doctor to help treat your migraine condition.

In New York City, it is almost impossible to find a reputable doctor that accepts insurance. It seems that all good doctors come with a big fat bill attached to them. Quite frankly, that doesn’t seem fair to me. It seems they’re getting paid under the table or something, and it feels illegal. I feel people are getting cheated and deprived of services they should have the right to have access to. What is an entry-level employee to do? I know I’m already living above my means and struggling to stay afloat as it is.

An initial consultation with a neurologist is usually about $500 and each follow-up appointment runs at about $300. The follow-up appointments occur about every 2-3 months, depending on the patient’s circumstances. That ends up costing more than just a couple pretty pennies.

If you can’t pay your bill right away, you have the option to set up a payment plan or you are sent to collections. Of course, no one usually tells you this until after the balance is overdue.

So what really makes up the perfect match?

Does it matter that your doctor is the head of the headache department and has the best credentials? Or do you settle for the doctor who may have less experience but accepts your insurance?

I don’t know. I don’t have any answers. I wish it was mandatory for everyone to accept all insurance and I wish getting treated for a condition no one has any control over wasn’t so stressful. It’s certainly not helping to lessen my headaches, that’s for sure.

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