My Story


I have been living with migraines for more than half of my short life. While they are a part of who I am I refuse to let them to define me. A doctor once told me in high school that I will never be able to have a career and will be nothing more than a housewife. While I never went back to that doctor, I thank her because hearing that has given me the drive to make sure that is never the case —for me or anyone else living with a migraine condition.

While I have experimented with an assortment of medicinal cocktails, none have been quite perfect yet. I had a stomach ulcer that ruptured from years of taking too much ibuprofen. I have been to my fair share of neurologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, accupuncturists, you name it. . . however, I am more determined than ever to not let migraines stop me from reaching my goals. I hope that writing about my trials and tribulations, where having a migraine condition is not what defines me, but is just a small part of everything that I am, can inspire some other migraine sufferers out there. Chronic Migraine Condition, no matter how invisible it may be, is a disease and I am determined to find a better way of life for those who have to endure it.

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