Water is important–I’m not revealing anything new here. It’s one of the vital elements of life, after all, and it covers 70% of the Earth. The grandiosity of water has been reiterated to us to the point of redundancy in science class growing up, but only until recently has it occurred to me just how essential water really is.

This new medicine I’m taking gives me the worst cotton mouth ever! I’m constantly reapplying chapstick throughout the day and I now carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go.

Most migraine sufferers already know how important it is to hydrate. Most of you are probably reading this right now and thinking, “I already carry around a water bottle with me everywhere I go. So what?” My mom has been trying to get me to drink more water for years and is probably jumping for joy at the fact that she no longer has to nag me about if I’m drinking enough water.

Because now it’s not just smart for my health, now I’m desperately thirsty all the freaking time! And you know the worst part? I have to pee like 24/7. I try to hold it while I’m at work during the day as long as I can because, frankly, those bathrooms are disgusting. I work in the Flatiron Building in New York City, and while the building is a landmark and it’s real nice to look at from the outside, it is literally the world’s first skyscraper . . . EVER. Do you know how old that makes it? And I don’t think they’ve done renovations since the building was first built either. Now imagine what the facilities are like. You would hold it in all day too.

So I am guzzling down more water than I ever have in my life, hoping some of the benefits celebs credit water with in their interviews will rub off on me. Now the real experiment begins — does Jennifer Aniston really just drink lots of water to get that gorgeous glow or is it plastic surgery after all?

I’m trying to be as eco-friendly as possible while I water binge and have purchased a water bobble. Besides the fun name, it’s this water bottle with a filter inside so I can fill up continually while I work. The only issue I am running into is finding a way to efficiently clean the water bottle. They need to make some type of cleaner that can reach all the way down to the bottom. Come to think of it, there probably is one I just haven’t found out about yet. I will definitely be on the lookout.

So for now I will be focusing on just keeping on drinking and staying afloat!